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Your opinion - Best pairing in PVE with Scrapper?


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Hey there folks

As the title says. In your opinion, if you were going to tool around the HoT and PoF open world areas with a friend or significant other who is playing a Hammer Scrapper ... what would you bring to the table for maximum fun? I know fun is subjective ... but the whole question is subjective anyway ;)

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Yeah scrapper and ele would be mad fun because you both have access to tons of combo fields and finishers, and both have access to potent defense skills or if necessary the scrapper can tank while the ele hits from range. But anything works really, just depends on how you like to play.

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Cool, thanks :)

I have both an 80 ele and 80 warrior. The ele is working on tempest, though nowhere to fully unlocked yet. So, just running a glass cannon core build for the time being. My warrior is core, and uses axe/mace + mace/shield ... and that seems to be working much better.

While I enjoy the gliding and bouncing ... the whole set of HoT zones annoy the hell out of me, for some reason. Possibly something to do with me wanting to actually explore and look around and things spawn on my head a lot, sometimes. Anywho, looking forward to getting these done as fast as I can, lol :)

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