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A bunch of viability fixes for Renegade


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Everyone knows Renegade lacks defense or damage wise.In PvP I can't even completely kill-off a downed player besides a Herald/Revenant with all three Charr summons.I have played 200+ games of Renegade in ranked (stuck in silver) until recently swapping to Ventari Bunker Herald to even stay at Gold rank. (Possibly the only viable Revenant build at the minute in Gold and above)

What could make-up for the weak Charr summons that die in 1-3 seconds in PVP would be something similar to a necro or thief.

When one is inside the radius of the Charr summons the Mists should grant invulnerability for however long it lasts. (a lot of classes have immunity, Elementalist, Engineer, and etc)If not invulnerability then the ability to dodge endlessly until one is out of the Charr circle or the summon is abolished.

And if that is not a good solution then they need to increase the radius of the summons by a larger margin (1600 radius) as it is so freaking easy to dodge these high energy summons at the moment or kill.The lack of damage is so unrewarding what's the point of even summoning any of theses summons when Herald does the job %100 better?The many times I have summoned Soulcleaver in a team battle to have it destroyed instantly is pure stupidity. (There's no careful planning when it's dead the moment it's summoned heck even warrior can down it in 1-2 hits)

Also they need to add a trait that enhances Shattershot for bow skill 1.It should Increase the explosion radius to 600 or even wider and add burning or vulnerability along with bleeding or a chance to stun with crits with a 5-10 second cooldown.

Spiritcrush skill 4 for SB is too lackluster.They need to increase the radius or make it root players inside the circle/ maybe trap for 1.5-3 seconds.

Bloodbane Path skill 2 needs more spammability and a longer attack range to be effective.It should hold charges up to 3-5 times. You should be able to cast it every 0.5 seconds or less. (When you Target a player it can attack people from behind so I'm guessing they should definitely add a follow-up mechanic for example it should follow the players you crit)

Sevenshot skill 3 for SB should just improve your auto attacks like literally enhancing them with more potent slows or burns as the skill right now is just utterly useless and is easily dodge-able.

Scorchrazor should of honestly been an arrow to the Knee that explodes around you pushing enemies off you and blinding them maybe immobilize too.

I don't think the Ambush Commander trait will ever be that useful if as a Renegade you can't even play behind the Mist. You should be hidden at full vigor, camouflaged, deal increased damage on initial hit.

Brutal Momentum is a worthless trait if all other sub-traits already help you achieve that %110 crit chance. To be honest it should be similar to the thief give you more chances of dodging 3-4 bars.

Anyways I'm mainly focusing on the Summons and I believe by having more dodge or invulnerability will make this profession much more useful.

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Even minor grandmaster trait Brutal Momentum (While at full endurance, increase your chance to critically strike. Gain vigor when you gain fury) needs a rework, cmon is a totaly pve trait. In pvp is unlikely u have full endurance…

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These suggestions are ridiculous. There'll be a cold day in hell before any of them make it into the game.

The charr summons are UTILITIES- only one of them does damage above 'meh' level. Add to that your desire for invulnerability/endless dodges when you're inside their aoe, keep dreaming! If your summoning soulcleaver in the middle of a fight, use sb5 first so you can let it get a couple of attacks in, or just don't use it in that way- this is a l2p issue imo.

SB is a 900 range weapon; it's not gonna see a 600 range explosion on the autoattack or a chance to stun on crit, that's OP af and unreliable.Spiritcrush applies chill; the idea to immob players inside it is OP.Bloodbane path is just a distraction skill, an annoyance. It's not going to see a range increase, though the ammo idea isn't bad. Casting it every half a second is far too much to ask for.Sevenshot is a finicky skill to pull-off, but damn those torment stacks are nice. I have the 'press to select, release to cast' checkbox (i can't remember what it's called) ticked under f11 (options). That way i can see exactly where to aim before i use the skill- there is a delay too, so that needs to be taken into account.

Are you really asking for perma-stealth at full endurance and increased damage on the hit which reveals you? Can you not see how broken that would be?

Daredevil has 3 dodge bars and can reset them with a signet; revenant doesn't have signets and imo doesn't need another dodge bar. What would be useful is a fire or smoke field which destroys projectiles, or converts them into might/fury/whatever for your character. At the minute, iirc the only projectile defense we have is line of sight... EDIT: i forgot about ventari bubble, but no-one uses ventari anyway (except the hand-kiter at deimos).

As for brutal momentum, you don't start the fight with less than full endurance and revenant has quite a few ways to gain fury through traits. The trait is really about gaining vigour when you gain fury; the increased crit chance is just the icing on the cake.

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