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Dredge Commissar timing enables campers to steal kills

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In Dredgehaunt Cliffs, the commissar is a high value target because he drops an item needed for the Treasure Hunter collection, which is worth a bit of gold. The commissar appears as part of a meta chain which is preceded by a couple of events in the Frostland Melt/Grey Road area. The commissar himself spawns way in the corner of Tribulation Rift. As soon as the pre-events are completed, the commissar spawns in the other area. Even using the nearest waypoint (which is actually tucked out of the way because it's for the Sorrow's Embrace dungeon), it takes some time for players who were in the event area to reach the commissar.

So the issue is this: there are some players who camp out by the commissar's room in Tribulation Rift, waiting for other players to do the events in the other area. As soon as the commissar spawns, they kill him without waiting for the other players who spawned him. The commissar is not a very difficult mob and can be killed very quickly.

I would ask that Anet delay the spawning of the commissar to ensure that those who participated in the pre-events are properly rewarded for their effort. Something like 30 seconds would be sufficient to ensure that the players in the pre-events are able to reach the commissar in time. I would prefer not to have to join the ranks of the kill-stealers otherwise, but at the moment there is little choice.

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