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[NA][PVX] Hall of Tainted Souls [HoTS] - Chill guild LF friendly faces. Officers wanted!

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TL;DR If you're new or returning and wanting to make some friends and party up? Join me and I'll try and help out the best I can.

Current situationWe're a newly created guild. And I mean NEW. We don't like assimilating into really big already established guilds because it's hard to make friends when there's just so many people. So we decided to make our own guild, but we don't have the man power to have it take off. So we're looking for some new friends to help us make this happen.

My initial idea is to recreate the community I used to be a part of back when I played before HoT came out. One where I can get cool folks together to play under one roof. That's why I'm here to persuade you to join forces with me. I want to create a community where guildies can party up to do dungeon runs, map completions, WvW, etc. I want to encourage an active guild chat where we can just hang out and chat while we play together.

I'm going to try my hardest to help lead this guild in this direction, and I'm hoping some of you will join me. If you're new, come on in. Home is small and cozy, and we'll try and teach you as much as we know so you can flourish. If you like to help others, come and give me a hand. I'll make you into one of my supporting pillars.

I desperately need Officers, who possess experience and knowledge and are willing to pass this on to other people. People who are chill and like to help out whenever they can. Or if you feel like your current/previous guild leader was too much of a hassle and wanted all control to him/herself. Come give us a try and we can build something beautiful here.

About us

  • We're a small group of friends, but I want to make this a home not only for me and my buddies, but also for friendly and drama free folks. People who want to play around and just do stuff together. Why solo when you can hang out with us?
  • We're experienced in PvE and WvW. We love roaming around doing stupid things in WvW since we can't take on huge groups by ourselves.
  • We're helpful and are willing to teach new players, but we're also learning ourselves. Everyone can pick up the pace, while getting to know each other.
  • Play the game, not the meta. You're highly encouraged to run builds that you enjoy instead of everyone running the same boring meta. And meta changes so just do whatever the hell you like. We're doing the same but that's because we don't have the bank to pay for those boring meta builds. We run what we can and like.
  • Discord is our voice comm.

ScheduleHonestly we don't have one yet. When we get more members, we'll work one out. The guild is too small to really do any events yet since we only have 2 members (me and my friend) normally on.

For an invitation to [HoTS], please whisper [deadfinalpower.6475] in game or post here.

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