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I think it's related to where you connect fromExample:Item Name: Rampart Heavy ArmorItem API: https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/items/63929Item Icon: https://render.guildwars2.com/file/4CF1A392BF377AA7170B1D7B2C3278ED9701C2DB/780253.png

When I connect using VPN and set it to Singapore the file say it couldn't be loadedBut when I change to US, the image will load just fine

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@"Reincarnated.1754" said:Where have the API/Files they gone?https://img.techpowerup.org/180527/capture598.jpg

did you ever resolve this? I'm having the same issue with some render resources. They will appear just fine in a browser, but when my app tries to access them I (on most files) only ever get "HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error". Specifically, the skills icons wont return but some items will. Some gw2 render items will load, and random wikipedia images of far larger size will load so I'm pretty sure its not my code.

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