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Sand Flare Does Not Trigger On Heal Effects


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The title is the point of the post. The scourge heal skill Sand Flare does not proc on heal skill effects. This makes runes of balthazar and tormenting significantly less potent as a scourge using sand flare than they are intended to be and gimps them when compared with runes that offer bonuses to all types of condi duration (such as 2 nightmare + 2 trapper).


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Some other random bugs:

Dessicate is a whirl finisher, despite it not saying it anywhere in the tooltips. And it only seems to send out one projectile.

Shade overlapping has issues. I found this out when stacked up in wvw, i was running regular 3 target shades, dropped one on my group, and used F3 for the barrier, instead of 6 people getting barrier, it only gave 3 people barrier, meaning that overlapping will still target the same three allies if they are within both aoes. I have not tested this with sand savant yet but intend to. However this is a big issue considering they had already nerfed the target count, and if you put a shade on allies near you, you should be getting the most out of it.

Not sure of bug but QoL issue

Trail of anguish will not stack buffs for the necro despite doubling back and running over sands, however allies that run in the path get refreshed swiftness and also get extra stab stacks (seems to occur on a 2s cd, totaling in 3 total stab stacks.)

Sand Swell will not give barrier to the Necro when re-using either the entrance or exit portal and only applies on the initial cast. I am not sure if this is intended, or if it also doesn't work for allies, as I haven't been able to test it yet in proper settings.

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