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Can we get voice chat?

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@"Xanctus The Dragonslayer.2318" said:Just add an ingame voice chat. U have the ability to mute others ofcourse. there is litterally an ingame option to descalate the incase of flaming. if a mute button is not enough, and u feel the need to go into every insult thrown at u. then the problem is with u. Heck one could make it so to just turn off voice chat automatically, just like u can disable teamchat and any other chat u don't like. Even if the majority doesn't use it a small portion will the more competetive players will use it. it would also make ''the divide between team queus and solos smaller as well''. There is stastiscally none except for maby the top players. And maby if this actually works for the plat plus players U might actually see less complaints about plats bieng forced to go into teams to climb.

Heck I play pvp with teamchat disabled after the start of the match. Only read it to see what the opening is gonna be. the rest I don't care. then I open the teamchat again to see who raged. block them and move on. I have zero patience for this crap. and just like me u have a choice. Honestly I get the toxicity there is now. But bieng against the very choice for people to decide if they want to take the risk or not is absurd.

If ingame voice was activated, the people who didn't use it would be ridiculed just like they are in Overwatch.And the harassment would ensue after the match if something didn't go well, just like here.

What if there were pre programmed audio responses like their are in Mobas?

I also have zero patience for the salty rage during and after a game. Great idea btw, Im gonna use that.

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Wouldn't say VOIP, but at least some premade messages like CS or Smite have would be more than enough.The minimap interaction is great. But send a team message "Retreat from far" or "Incoming Middle" quickly instead of having to type all of it would be great.(and you cant be toxic on those).

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In-game voice chat? Lets try balancing the game first. Use discord or learn to carry. People in high mmr always trash talk anyone beneath them don't expect us to sympathize when you complain about having to play with bad players. Not to mention a lot of your AT teammates are some of the most toxic in the game. Perhaps your PVP experience has been a bit onesided. /thread

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