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Dragon Core [DC] PvE/PvX/WvW Everyone is welcome to join us

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WvW Home World: Tarnished Coast – NA Server

Guild: Dragon Core [DC]

Guild Website: (Under Construction)

In-Game Contact: pointaction.4639

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/v9SkU6D

Focus: Laid Back International Guild to enjoying all aspects of the game, PvE, Guild Missions, Dungeons, Fractals, WvW and so on.

We would like to grow to be a friendly and social guild where any can join us to who just enjoy the game and like to have fun.

We welcome all to join us

We are looking for the following.

  • We are looking for anyone anywhere around the world in all time zones of all classes, levels and game play to join the ranks of Dragon Core [DC].

  • We are also looking for hardcore WvW/GvG/PvP players interested in building a strong GvG/PvP core team.

  • Around the clock WvW coverage support

We will be looking for additional for the following below Co-Guild Leaders, Commanders and Officers

  • Co-Guild Leaders - 2 more for better coverage for PvE, GvG and WvW events.
  • Commanders - 2 or more for better coverage for * PvE, GvG and WvW events.
  • Officers - 2 more for better coverage for PvE, GvG and WvW events.

Rules are

  • Represent the guild
  • Honesty – Being truthful about what you say.
  • Respectful – Respecting other people’s feelings
  • Helpful – Being helpful to others in learning to command or playing the game.
  • Listening – If someone request some help. At least be nice to try to help out or at least respond nicely saying cannot help out right now. Instead ignoring requests from others.

To join used let the In-Game Contact: pointaction.4639 know that you want to join the guild or Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/g7Q2Zh7 and put your request in the guild invite section.

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