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I have never seen so many helpful people in game before. Are you paying them or something?

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@vampirelazarus.9403 said:

@"Selminus.1490" said:Do you guys have employees playing or something?Just to touch on this, Anet employees do play the game, and I believe they are obligated to have their little "Arena Net" tag on their name indicator. It looks like the little Anet logo. You'll run into them out there in the wild occasionally, doing various things, just playing the game and having fun.

It's refreshing to see them, it shows that they actually enjoy the product they work on.

Sometimes they are adorably newbie about things in the game. I've had a few show up at Triple Trouble and they are just like most the other players that show up for the event.

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This game is probably responsible for raising my expectations from other players. When I started to play, I was also so surprised to find helpful players that I told my friends in another MMO how fast I was resurrected everytime I died. In 1-2 minutes max, someone came to ress me :)

However, time after time, this became a common habit to my eyes and I started to notice the players that insult you in sPvP when you kill them, or the ones that kill you when you are simply commuting a hero point in WvW (ok, you want to kill me, fine, we are in WvW after all. But, just let me turn this hp first, wouldn't you?) and then start to jump on your dead body. Sportsmanship, where are you? It's not that killing a still thief in exotic gear is so hard for a spellbreaker in full ascended gear...

Also, as @Moogri.1935 said, even in open PvE people could simply tag mobs and let the others do the same, rather than dismounting with the raptor and kill everyone. Completing a heart could take a bit for a new player with the free account.But still, compared to many other MMOs, GW2 has a good community. Sometimes even in PvP there are nice players (and this is quite rare in every MMO).

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@"Hashberry.4510" said:Can't have raids without ramping up this kind of behavior. Its still a great community, though.

Back in my day, we walked uphill both ways in a snowstorm to Fractals, in order to get the same elitism and bad behaviour!

Seriously, though, whatever the hardest content in the game is, it is gonna attract people who honestly believe that playing the "mathematically strongest composition" is an absolute requirement, as if personal skill doesn't contribute vastly more to overall performance...

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@Linken.6345 said:

@sorudo.9054 said:you must be playing something else, all i get are champ whiners who fill my mail with curse letters because i killed their farm spot.my favorite place are raid portals, where ppl ask why i am even here or say i don't belong there because i play GS necro.

no, really friendly, a wonderful community.....

Well I would ask you why you were sulking by the portals aswell and not tagging up and entering the raids.

what, like the bizilion times i tied and got kicked?

Thats odd was from my understanding that commanders couldent get a kick.

i don't pay for a stupid arrow, i know the benefits but 300G for that is way to expensive for a basic feature.

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I was and am still amazed by the level of friendliness in GW2 :) I think what plays a big role here is the fact, that the game is designed in such a way that it encourages people to cooperate instead of punishing them for that ;) And personally, I find myself often helping some random stranger just because it feels good to be nice, plus I feel like I'm "paying it forward" since I was helped many times by other players.

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I love playing this game and a part of that is because of how friendly most players are out there. I had so much help throughout my first year that over the last five, it has been rewarding to help out those that are in the same predicament.

One of my most embarrassing times in the game was also one of the most memorable for helpfulness and friendliness. A few months into the game, I was trying out the Weydant's Revenge JP. I was stuck in the dark room, so a friend came to help. An hour later, I sent him on his way, giving up. Jumping never really came naturally to me, so JPs were extremely time consuming. After playing SAB though, I am much better at jumping. And that JP that I couldn't get in an hour, now takes about a minute, even without a friendly Mesmer portal to help get me to the end. :)

I will have to disagree about everyone in WvW being unfriendly. I play from Sorrow's Furnace and get kicked around to other servers a lot and there always seem to be friendly and helpful people around. Just this past week when one of the dailies was for the Veteran kill, I went to wait on the Vet Warg to show up and there was one guy from another server already there. He didn't try to kill me, so I didn't try to kill him, and slowly 6 other people from my server showed up (I was waiting around for 11 minutes). No one tried to kill him, just shot cake at him, which he didn't really seem to appreciate. But the Vet Warg spawned and we all helped kill it. But then one of our guys ganked him, but still, we were nice when it counted.

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I try to help whenever possible, which might include being a part of the "Welcome Wagon" in Queensdale (we REALLY need to do this in all the start zones a bit more often), bringing a downed player back to life (it makes me sad when they poof away right as i get there. Lemme save you!) to buying a gem store item for someone who really wants it but can't afford it, and running around to HP's or simply just chatting with new players and veterans alike. (we can also sit around tables now like civilized folk. yay!) Always, always, pass that on. In real life as well as in game.

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