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HoT map currency issue

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They also trying to incentivate players to stay in the map. Right now people gets his Amalgamated and goes away. Best moment fo crowbars (imo)is the day. Also true that i got tons of airship parts and nothing to do with them. A key seller option would be welcome in my opinion.

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@JaddynnStarr.5201 said:So I've noticed that auric basin's exalted mastery vendor sells exalted keys, tangled depths Nuhoch mastery vendor sells vials of chak acid, but verdant brinks Itzel mastery vendor does NOT sell pact crowbars. Is this working as intended or a bug? has it been discussed before?

The primary means to earn map currency for that map is through the airship cargo compared to other maps which are through events. Being able to open the cargo more frequently, due to buying keys and recycling the diminishing currency, was probably something that Anet did not want which is why we cannot buy keys. Instead the meta event chains award quite a bit of them.

It’s simply a design choice by Anet.

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