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looking for wvw strong build for theif thx


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Trickery(312)/shadow arts(322)/Daredevil(123)

or trickery(321) /deadly arts(222)/ daredevil(132)

Dagger/pistol(sigil of fire and sigil of Air) shortbow(sigil of bloodlust and sigil of energy) Full marauder armor set ( 6x rune of scholar)

Channeled vigor, Shadow refuge, shadowstep, signet of agility, basilisk venom.

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not on meta battle but i use it and it preforms well solo and in small scale. Abuse skills 2 and 3 ( Pistol Whip has a 1.1/4 sec evasion time that is unlisted), and the leap finisher from the dodge through black powder for stealth to cover up your healing skill or to reposition.

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