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Looking for Casual Yet Challenging PvE Guild


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Hey everyone! I didn't exactly know how to structure the title, so let me explain a bit about what I'm looking for in a guild:

1) Casual: I don't want to be in any guilds that force harsh rules or take the game too seriously. Although I play this game actively, it is just a game after all and I just want to have a good time and not worry about too much of the "meta strategies" and "max dps rotation" stuff.2) Challenging: What I mean by this is that the guild participates in some of the more challenging aspects of PvE, such as T4 fractals and Raids.

Now a bit more about myself!

I've been playing Guild Wars 2 for over a year, and although take occasional breaks for a month or so have always returned and plan on continuing to play periodically for many more years. When I'm active, such as now, I tend to play every day or two in the evenings, primarily in running fractals.I've recently unlocked T4 fractals but I'm a bit worried that the atmosphere might start becoming too competitive/toxic, and I'd prefer to roll T4 fractals with people I can trust and who are a bit more welcoming of "new"ish players.I would also very much like to try out raids one day, but what I really don't want is for someone to tell me exactly what to do. One of the most fun things about Guild Wars for me is some of the more complex fractals that involve interesting mechanics, teamwork, and the boss battles that utilize all this as well. Learning how these encounters operate is a lot of fun, and I'd prefer not to go into raids with fully experienced players taking that learning process away by explaining everything in detail.

So I guess in summary, what would be ideal, is a guild with many higher level players who still have room to grow. A Guild that isn't too large, with a guild hall not too upgraded, and maybe many players who have never raided or done T4 fractals either. I'm also slowly working on the Ad Infinitum backpack and would love to find a few others to maybe run alongside this quest with me and do the challenges together. Would be awesome to all get the backpack at the same time one day :)

That about wraps it up! I also have a few YouTube channels although don't really do Guild Wars content, I'm active on Discord however will usually be busy with my own work, and I prefer a friendly, more "PG" atmosphere.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you think your guild might be what I'm looking for, and are interested in another active player joining!

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