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Two Mirage bugs/quirks with Imaginary Axes

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I decided to pick up Mirage today so I wanted to grind on the DPS golem. After about 30 minutes of grinding, I was dismayed to see that I was hard stuck at 27k. I'm usually pretty capable at rotations, hitting at least 90% benchmark on other classes I'm confident on. I thought it was a problem with my own play but it turns out I found two issues with Imaginary Axes. I'm curious if this is my misunderstanding some mechanic or if these are actual issues. Also note that this was not during my benchmark attempts so I know I have all buffs and no spotter/ea.**Issue 1 - Imaginary Axes won't fire if you dodge at the end of your third auto. Here's a gif to illustrate.

Issue 2 - Imaginary Axes resets your auto attack chain only if you're standing in the target's hitbox but does not when you are outside the hitbox. Here's a gif of normal auto chains with imaginary axes while outside the hitbox. Here's a gif of the same interaction while standing inside the hitbox.**

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