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PoF: Bravo to the architectonical design team!


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I am currently roaming the old abandonen ruins of the dwarven fortress in the northwest of the Desert Highlands and am in absolute awe! <3

This is exactly what I have been waiting for design-wise for so long. Also, the environmental design and sound design (especially the crows) add so much depth to this area that I just don't want to stop to explore. I'll do the hunt for runes and treasure at some point later and hope it will be a real adventure. :)

There are many other spots in PoF that I can applaud you for (especially the Oasis and similar designs), but this is by far my favorite (I am only on map no. 2, so who knows, maybe some other area will beat this ;) ). This makes me wish that the next expansion isn't Cantha after all but the Far Shiverpeaks instead, with its ruins and tombs and mystical discoveries. (sighs)

Thank you for going back to classic designs, please keep the trend up! :3

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