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[WvW] Guild Leader LF Capable Commanders/Officers

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a few capable individuals that can fit one of these roles for a large, 400+ member WvW guild:

Commander - Those who can tag up and lead an organized pugmanding and/or guild squad (Discord not necessarily required, but appreciated) Recording of commanding is not necessary but also appreciated!

Officer - those with some experience managing guild rosters, Discord servers and recruiting.

To make it worth your while:All siege used by commanders will be provided by the guild. There is also a gold reward for each member recruited by commanders and officers who complete recruit training.

A server transfer may be potentially required but will be fully funded by the guild.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please contact me in-game, on the forums or on Discord at Bad Axxe#2937. I'm happy to provide more information about the guild then. Thanks!

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