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Personal Story - 7th Chapter skips huge part w. Dishonouring Allies .

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My character:Norn Revenant, Blacked Out, Defeat Ancient Foes, Snowleopard, Vigil,And recently, In "A Light in the Darkness" I picked my greatest fear: Dishonouring my Allies.

It then moves one through the usual story steps:

  • Under Siege (vigil)
  • Taking back Claw island (Retribution end of Chapter 6)
  • (Start Chapter 7)
  • Forging the Pact
  • and then suddenly The Battle of Fort Trinity.It talks about how Syska must be behind it, as if we know her, but I, well my character, haven't met her yet.Now my next Story step is Delivering Justice, For Syska, whom I haven't ever met in this storyline.

I haven't played further because I got confused. I wiki-ed how it's supposed to go, which means you have a set of small Pact missions, which for dishonouring allies means:Forging the Pact → Shell Shock → Volcanic Extraction / Fixing the Blame → Marshaling the Truth → Battle of Fort Trinity → Delivering Justice.The ones in bold I have done, or are the next step.

I know Personal story got revised I dunno how many times, but is this how it's supposed to go? And wiki is outdated on this?, or is it simply skipping half the chapter in order to move on to the next, or doing the other steps out of order?

Anyone ran into something similar? (Check your personal story history maybe, I don't know)

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Yeah, it looks like all the chapters depending on the greatest fear have been skipped. Seems like your choice was kinda recorded buggily causing it to miss some chapters, probably.Since I've always picked Tonn's mission (Let an innocent die), and only played it 6 months ago or so, I can't say if the current state is always bugged, only the choice you picked, or only you D: It worked fine last time for me.I really wonder what your story journal says about this. Did it record anything specific to your choice?

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