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Deadeye Rune - Alternate suggestions for the 6 Bonus


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Currently the stats are literally the same as the Scholar Runes with the only difference being the 6th bonus.On Scholar it is a 10% Bonus while above 90% health, while Deadeye is 2 might on using a cantrip.

Now, i think we can all agree that Deadeye (with rifle) is garbage when fighting against groups, and also that other builds (like Daredevil) have more dps. Deadeye has a very high burst though, but burst isnt always a guaranteed kill.

So...why not change the Rune so that it actually helps with this?For example by changing the 6th stat into "Ricochet on Crit (cooldown 5s)" or so

Critting a target in a group with Deaths Judgment would be very rewarding then since it would not only deal damage to that target alone, but to some targets nearby too, potentially killing more than one of them.

Sure it doesnt solve the problem with longer fights then where other builds have higher dps...but i think thats what the second weapon loadout is for. But atleast it would help the Rifle to deal with groups while still being interesting for other ranged classes too

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@Swiftwynd.1685 said:Id rather have:

Deal 7% additional damage to foes further than 600 range, and 14% additional damage to foes greater than 1,200 range.

Rangers and Deadeyes of the world just died from happiness.

but why trade scholar for that which gives 10%? there are enough enemies that can reach you, so you would have constantly 10% bonus no matter which range they are.

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