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Renegade Idea: Heroic Command extend Duration of Summons based on number of Kalla's Fervor stacks


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What's your thoughts on this skill getting a buff that makes it a bit more useful for it's energy cost. By using this to extend the Summon's duration it allow us to chain some of the Summon's with the legend better for better utilization of the Elite summon with our rotation. This change would greatly make Heroic Command much more useful than currently design to be.

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@Chippy.2386 said:@Ben Phongluangtham.1065 have you guys considered giving the Warband increased vitality and toughness based on the caster’s stacks of Kalla’s fervor? I think this would be add some much needed continuity to the renegade theme and be a cool connection to ritualists from GW1 (spawning power increased the health of spirits)

But that feels like its just inserting a step for reason, since Fervor stacks are pretty easy to generate. This would had made more sense back when that one trait increased the stack cap. It then opens up the option for 2 tiers of the concept, which gives good reason to update the traits to work around it. The lower tier being baseline for QOL targets, while the second tier intended for build focus around them.

But with the way things are now, we can just safely assume they have 5 stacks in combat. What I think would be better is if the GM traits enhanced Summons when the associated F skill is used. (Without digging into power balance discussions yet)

Lasting Legacy - Warband members gain Breakrazors's Bastion when Summoned - Heroic Command grants Warband members Protection (3s), Regeneration (3s), 3 stacks of Stability (3s), Stun breaks them.

Vindication - Casting Citadel Bombardment triggers a single ordnance explosion at each Warband member's location. (Arguably useless, but not many ways to integrate the skills together)

Righteous Rebel - Using Orders from above Unsummons all Active Warband members and Resummons them after a 1 second delay. Consume 5 Energy for each Warband Member resummoned.

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