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Tempest open world build with earth?


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@Etheri.5406 said:

@Psylocker.5264 said:Long ago I played around the idea of having an earth/fire condi build. It didnt work out dont really remember y I remember damage being too low and survivability being still a bit less then desired. HOWEVER I think that with weaver u can pull out a decent air/earth PvE open world build with sword/dagger or scepter/dagger. I actually wanted to try out a couple of builds on my weaver after work today, If I come up with something I will let u know

I have a condi ele since the start of PoE mainly because I wanted to do an earth condi built sadly other saw it or had the same idea so Arena.NET nerfed it because they used it excessively in PvP and WvW .

This is my current built :

I can tell I got 24K DPs with those weapons with an Earth-Earth-Fire rota , with a staff I got 28K with a Fire-Fire-Earth rota and I'm usually much lower with my golem dps then other players. What I still need to experiment with is another runes (Rune of Renegade which I don't believe), and the Sigil of Malice.

This isn't the perfect form anyway because the new Grieving stats giving a good chunk more dps then I will change the runes anyway. Problem in its core is sword and dagger need you to go close range and staff is not an option for earth condi

wait 24k dps on a golem? thats super dude! I do on my mirage 22k! and that build is meta! ( I am not fully geared tho )

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 24k benchmark dps = meta bois.

Its 28k now but its still more at the lower end of the condi builts when I look at the SC benchmarks . OH they have a condi sword weaver built with 33k ah but this is with self weaver basically a 20% buff which hold only a few seconds and then get a long CD while I have no infusion in it and lags rota optimization.

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