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LWS2 Entanglement: "On Swift Wings" bugged?

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Trying to do this achievement for the Concordia mission in Entanglement, and after I rescue Lindsey I circle back to try and rescue the stragglers. But they all die too quickly and they don't have a revive timer like Dulfy's screenshots show. As soon as an NPC falls, the achievement vanishes and there's no black revive mark on the map. There's literally no time to do this achievement correctly. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

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Must have been a one-time fluke, the second time around no mordrem spawned and I was able to just order everyone to retreat. Despite it being easily done, it's still not the intended way so I'll consider this a legitimate bug report. Something causes the script to function improperly, for better or worse.

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