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The one thing i would change about Path of Fire...


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So! I'm a big fan f the new zones, though i feel like they need Meta events. But, my change in particular is focused on the zone "The Domain of Vabbi", A lot of work has clearly gone in to creating the awesomely huge city of Sebhorin! As a Roleplayer, i'd like this entire zone to be accessible without combat at times, so where is what i would suggest:

Add a large daily Meta to this city that resets once a day (Probably at reset), or has pushback events every now and then. Give us a chance to band together as a large group and push the branded from Sebhorin for that day. Think of it like the Tarir Meta, but BIGGER.

That is what i would change most with PoF. I hope i put this in the right spot.

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