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Design a Legend's 4th Utility Skill

Za Shaloc.3908

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It has often been mentioned that it would benefit for each legend to have at least one additional utility skill, but I haven't really seen many suggestions for what those could be. Thought I'd make this post to see what some of your ideas are. I myself struggle with ideas because I think ANet did a pretty good job at making the kits well-rounded into the niche that they are designed to fit for each legend. But that doesn't mean there are gaps that could be filled to bring diversity into the legends, making each more viable for more alternative builds and playstyles than what currently exist.

My idea for Ventari:

[bLESSED STRIDE]30 Energy. Instant Cast. Breaks Stun.Grant superspeed to yourself and allies around you as you charge towards Ventari's tablet. If you land within the tablet's radius, blind nearby foes and heal nearby allies.Superspeed: 3 seconds/360 radius/5 TargetsTravel Distance: 900/0.75 secondsRadius Threshold: 240Blindness: 3 seconds/240 radius/5 TargetsHeal: 1500 (0.8 modifier)

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For ShiroBattle Scars30 energy 2s cast time, causes invulnerable, Breaks stunsSiphon health from enemies who attack you for the next sixty seconds and reflect the damage they do, The aura around your character will also reflect projectiles and continue to persist after the initial effect.( One of his abilities from his actual fight, which was one hell of a bitch to deal with... really could give revs some well needed "Of fuck " buttons.

For mallyxHeinous GazeChanneled, costs 10 energy per second, cleanses conditions and fuels them back to the user as health, secondary activationChannel the dark power of mallyx and tether yourself to nearby enemies (5), For each tether you gain toughness and retaliation and constantly redirect conditions back to those targets at random. Activate AGAIN to teleport to the lowest health enemy you are tethered too and knock them down with brutal efficiency, once teleported to a foe you erupt with chaotic power and blast them with a MASSIVE amount of condi damage.

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Ooh, let me try my hand at this with our elite specs.

Glint:[Facet of Exaltation]Place the Facet of Exaltation on yourself to grant nearby allies vigor and alacrity every few seconds.Vigor: 3sAlacrity: 3sInterval: 3sNumber of Targets: 5Radius: 600Upkeep cost: -8

[Crystalline Fortification] (chain skill of Facet of Exaltation)Cooldown: 40s. Places Facet of Exaltation on full cooldown.Cast time: 1s.Consume Facet of Exaltation to create an area of reprieve, cleansing conditions and healing allies with each pulse.Conditions Cleansed Per Pulse: 1Healing Per Pulse: 500 (0.5)Duration: 4sInterval: 1sNumber of Targets: 3Radius: 240Range: 360Combo Field: Light

Kalla:[Fierceshot's Fury]Summon Kalla's father, Pyre Fierceshot, for a short time to deal heavy ranged damage with his longbow to all foes in the area.Damage (6x) 900 (3.0). Base damage per strike of 150 (0.5).Energy: 30Cooldown: 12sCast time: 1sNumber of Targets: 5Duration: 6sInterval: 1sRange: 600Fierceshot Attack Radius: 600

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Dwarf Legend

Skill name: Dwarven AlliesCost: 30 energyRecharge: 40Duration: 12 seconds

Summon 3 Stone Dwarven Allies to defend you.Based on the amount of Energy you have when casted the Stone Dwarfs will have a higher HP. Incoming damage damage is divided among the Stone Dwarfs.

Demon:Skill Name: Dark PortalCost: 15 energyRecharge: 2 charges and 30 second recharge.

Teleport the target to a different location through a portal at their feet into the demonic realm of the Mist.Torment 8 seconds.Burn 8 seconds.Confusion 8 seconds.


Skill name: Tree of LifeCost: upkeepRecharge 12 seconds

Transform into a Avatar of Nature's Life giving principal, changing all your Weapon Skills and Healing skills in the process into more Support based skills.


Skill name: Tactical LegionCost: 30 energyRecharge 20 secondsProc: 1 per 2 seconds.Duration: 8

Summon a legion spirit from the mist that allow you to convert Conditions on self into boons when you attack enemy.


Skill name: Jaded GripCost 20 energyRecharge 10 secondsRange: 600Damage: ???

Pull target to you through a spiked wave of Jade,Chilling the target, and bleeding them while also immobilizing them for 2 seconds when they are pulled to your location.

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