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@Voltekka.2375 said:

@Voltekka.2375 said:Doesnt gw2 efficiency have plenty of stats?

Mostly item based.I haven't found anything regarding races/profession.

Pretty sure i saw percentages of most popular to least popular races, classes etc.

Yeah, i found it

Stats -> Player Statistics

edit: Note that these stats are only refering to players who actually use gw2efficiency

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Thre is https://gw2efficiency.com/account/player-statistics

However, what you're asking for is difficult to be accurate on, because the API is an opt in affair, and no other way exists to track this data outside of Anet that isn't a survey (and the self selection bias that tends to come with it). Most of the data pools I have been able to find are pre-POF; and I believe that to be a significant turning point since those Especs incentivized players to explore more classes they were likely avoiding.

But just for sake of fun with something that looks statistically significant, but probably isn't--- a 2 year old survey on Reddit (out of a pool of 7000 participants, and includes alts) shows the top 3 class/race/gender combination to be Ele, Mesmer and Thief, Human/Female at ~2000 each. And the margin is significant...... each +500 over the next closes category, a Charr Male Warrior (~1400), followed by Human Female Guardian, and Human Female Warrior. All other combinations follow a gentle slope downward, with the 3 lowest being Charr Female Neco, Norn Male Thief, and Charr Female Mesmer at around 100 each.


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