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[EU][PvE][Syu] Sureiyaazu is recruiting! Great way to find your raid / fractal team!


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Hey, i played since release with some big and some small breaks, i play T4 fractals daily with my chrono and plan on getting into raids. Although i am a noob regarding raids i would love to improve and learn it with some peeps:) my chrono is almost full ascended (working atm on the 2 swords and 1 focus everything else is regular support chrono ascended.).So i'd want to start learning raids with my chrono and later gearing and playing a broader variency of classes in raids:)I applied for a Raid Training guild but if i have the chance to find a more familiar guild (not a 400+ guild) i would prefer this way of playing because it feels less "generic"? (can't find a better word as i am writing this^^).Of course I/you don't know how it harmonizes without trying, so i thought i'd like to give it a try with you guys:)

One thing i need to say: i can't promise to always be able to play each day, sometimes it might just be once or twice a week because i play another game in competitive regards 2 to 3 times a week in the evening but despite that i am pretty active and would love to find some fellow Tyrians :)

If you still want to try it just add me ingame and we also can talk almost about anything you want to know about me :)

Sry if my english first should sound a bit rusty, i talked not that much english in the last years and i might need a bit of regular english speaking to become more fluent again :)And i hope my accent is not too german because i don't like that myself^^

I am 25 and live in Germany, everything else we can talk in your discord ;)

https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Clair%C3%AA (my chrono equip atm^^)

IGN: LPTimme.6173

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Hello would like to join, normally i played for a while but took a break, now i recently bought path of fire and came back to the game. I am kind of still new to the game, hopefully i can learn things, i also would like to join all kinds of content when i qualified for them. Hopefully Sureiyaazu will be the guild that i can call home if you guys would like to have me :)

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