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[EU][PvE][Syu] Sureiyaazu is recruiting! Great way to find your raid / fractal team!

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[syu] Sureiyaazu is recruiting again!

Who are we?
We are a guild that existed since launch of Guild Wars 2. We are a chilled community with not many rules and with idea to provide relaxed and friendly environment for our members.

Primarily we're looking for new potential raiders / fractalers of all roles / classes, but any and all are welcome to inquire about joining. We take a focused but friendly approach to PvE. We place lesser significance on “initial” player skill, instead choosing to focus on attaining members who possess a solid team-based attitude. We want our members to have fun and enjoy the game. We also don’t support any sort of elitism.

What do we have to offer?
We manage the guild mainly through our well-organized discord server. Each member of the guild, regardless of rank and experience in the game, will find there a lot of useful things, such as different types of guides (achievements, class builds, raid bosses etc.), raid manager where you can create your own events, active lfg tool for fractals and dungeons.

Raid, Strike mission and Fractal runs on daily basis, including challenge modes. Syu Raid Training section is open for everyone who would like to get into raids.

How can I join?
Get in touch by writing a mail or whisper in game at: Konsky.8563

Check our discord:

See you!
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