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A Simple Suggestion

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Hello,Sorry if I posted in an inappropriate area of ​​the forum, but I did not find a specific topic to create it.

So my suggestion is in relation to the craft system.There is nothing wrong with the system I would just suggest something as an option to remove the small icons on the character selection screen. It may be a very meaningless suggestion for many players but it would suit those who prefer a cleaner UI.

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Some people really like these because it means you can see which characters know which crafts without having to log into them all. But it would be nice if it was possible to choose whether to show them or not.

The character select screen could use a lot more customisation. I'd love to be able to change the background and music (I like the PoF ones but sometimes I'd like to go back to the HoT or base-game ones) and to be able to show more characters at once, and in a fixed order. And yes, to hide the crafting icons since I remember which crafts each character knows without needing to check.

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