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Returning Player looking for guild with players 30+ age!

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No offense to anyone playing this game under 28 but I'm done joining guilds with squeaky voiced kids and teenagers that wail, whine, and sound like my dog's squeaky toys. I want a guild that has mature people, who've gotten some of life under their belt like myself. And I won't feel awkward socializing with via age gap. I want to play this game with fellow old farts.

PVE prefered. Raiding optional. Fractals yes.Politics no. Religion no. Drama no.

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We fit almost everything. ALMOST. Oh we're Xtraordinary Slackers. Or XTRA We have mostly 30+ but sure have peeps 20-29. Also not sure if looking for huge, medium, smaller; weird, voice mostly or text, if you like cupcakes, watch your weight, hate royals (we have a royal rank theme with cupcake points). Well anyways can check more here:


BUT - I am more interested in getting peeps the guild they want than selfish and have em leave/etc. finding a guild is tough so TYRS https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/27147/na-tyrs-tyrs-paladium-is-hiring-the-30-70-year-olds-guild

Is literally the old fart guild and great! Larger and prob offer more than we do currently I'd consider and check em out! Good luck!

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Greetings Mushitaki,

Sounds like you might like my little home. We're called The Gryphons Aerie and we’re a small, casual/semi-casual yet social, 18+, PvE, family on Tarnished Coast. Though we accept people as young as 18, there aren't any whiny kids with high-pitched voices around. We all act like adults most of the time (need to let loose now and then, right?), without much swearing or any "txt speech" in game chat or Discord. I can't promise absolute 100% drama free, that's just how it is when you put 50 people in the same room, but I can say it's very rare. I'm also one of those "old farts" too.

We're currently working on rebuilding our core ranks in order to have more regular guild events. Right now, we have non-mandatory events on Sundays and either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, focusing on things like Dungeons, Fractals, Living World Story Content, hero point chasing, etc. Depending on everyone's mood, we also do a lot of other random group content during the week. We hope to add more events in the future as our ranks grow. Our current peak time tends to be in the mid-late evening EST (UTC-5), though we have a few others from various time zones.

We’re willing to help out with any and all questions as best as we can, whether it's dungeons/Fractals, builds, and other general game questions. All you need to do is ask. We also don’t do the “speed runs”, exploits, etc, nor require anyone to bring a specific class or build for any dungeon run. Bring whatever you want and we'll have fun regardless.

We know that RL comes first and stress that fact.We’ll still be there even if you can’t for a bit of time. Just leave a little note to let us know you'll be away, and all is well.

We do not demand 100% representation.It’s not our business to tell you who you can and cannot associate with; that choice is yours alone.

We are focused on providing a place where people can feel comfortable and as though they are more than just a name on the roster. We want everyone to feel like family.We are very LGBTQ+ affirmative and do not tolerate any sort of derogatory words, comments, bigotry etc. toward anyone regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, gender identity or sexuality. Anyone violating that policy is subject to immediate removal, no questions asked.

We also have a Discord, where everyone is expected to use the text channels to some degree, but the voice channels are never required.

For more information, and to join us, check out our Guild Website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note here or contact me in game and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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