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[NA][PvE] Sanctum of Ventari [Home] is recruiting new and returning players 20 and older!


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Recruitment is currently closed

We are a small guild looking for friends who enjoy playing a little bit of everything related to PvE. We are 20 and older and come from US, Canada, and a sprinkling of other countries around the globe (Must be on NA servers). We enjoy spending time in Discord chatting, making friends, and running content together. We welcome new players and appreciate veteran/ returning players as well! We aim to help new players progress into endgame content and are happy to answer any questions! We also run advanced endgame content weekly such as higher tier fractals. We do weekly guild missions on Friday/ Sunday evenings and occasionally have some fun PvE activities during the week like hero point trains, dungeons, etc. We do plan to explore raids in the near future.

Discord is required for communication about guild events, missions, etc. However, you don't have to talk unless you want to!

For more info or if you have questions feel free to message me here, on discord (Aurum#8075), or in game (Aslan.6978)!

If you'd like to join, please check out our site and apply! It’s brief and the site will also provide you with a discord link.

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