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Please increase deployment range of Renegade Summons

Exalted Quality.8534

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I sort of understand why you made the summons destructible and cc'able because of the whole active (renegade) vs. passive management (herald) of utilities and that you want renegades to be careful about where they place summons. In my opinion, tactical placement on the battlefield is hindered by limiting the range to 600 units from the caster. This makes incredibly difficult to be able to control a situation.

Since shortbow has no gap closers (like the daredevil's #5 shortbow skill), I beleive it makes sense to increase the range to match the shortbow's 900 units (at least). Increasing the max deployment distance does not make the elite any stronger.

I'll finish by saying renegade in it's current form needs a lot of work to feel anything close to smooth.

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