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Phone # to contact ANet account support? / Account Recovery Tool doesn't work. / Ticket unanswered.

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I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who has been unable to access her account after returning to the game after several years. As she is on my friends list I can also confirm that she has not, in fact, actually been on in years (we stopped playing at the same time).

Unfortunately her login information isn't working, so she attempted to reset her password. However, when she provides the Account Recovery tool the requested game serial code and character name, it comes back with the error: "Some fields are invalid, please fix them."

I have confirmed she is entering the information 100% correctly. She has tried several types of browsers, entering the code with and without dashes, several different character names, but always gets the same error message back. As far as we can tell the Account Recovery tool simply doesn't work properly. Searches on the internet reveal this is not an uncommon problem that other players have run into with this tool either.

So, she submitted a ticket requesting help through account support several days ago. She supplied all of the information that was requested, as proof of her identity. But beyond the automated response indicating that her ticket had been received, she has received no further communications. She replied to that email (as the email instructed if she had additional information to add) to make sure her request hadn't fallen through the crack, but still there has been no response to her request.

Is there a support number she can call to get assistance from ArenaNet on resetting her password? We have been unable to locate one outside of NCSoft's number, which hasn't done her any good.

Failing that, is there a large queue of support tickets currently? The last post I saw on the subject indicated that simple requests like hers are generally resolved within 24 hours, but we have not found that to be the case.

She is understandably frustrated with the lack of assistance, options, and working tools at this point. I would love to see this resolved before she decides that returning to Guild Wars 2 was just not in the cards, and having us move on again.

For reference, her identifier handle is "Shylo.9270", and her support request ticket is "6926484".

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Hi ! I'm writing as you in behalf of one friend who as nearly the same exact problem (tryng to get back an account but not able), he opened an anonimous ticket 48h ago and still no response.His help request number is: 6925712. The display name fot the account is tryng to take back is: gabrywhynot.2608If some one can help our friends it would be lovely ^^

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Looks to be a big backlog atm people seem to get help around 10-12 days atm depending on severity of the problem and as account are a high severity as we dont want them to give out accounts willy nilly, it will take awhile guys.EditAnd no there is not any support number to call only the ticket system.

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I doubt the tool is inoperative, as others have posted recently that it is working (for them). The account(s) may be compromised, and characters (names) deleted or changed. It may be prudent to change email account passwords, as an email account compromised at the same time is common, and allows interception of responses from the CS Team.

Also, as noted above, due to high volume, ticket response times have been longer than usual, lately.

Good luck.

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Update: she finally managed to remember the correct password and was able to get into her account, and has just updated the support ticket to let ArenaNet know she no longer needs assistance with this.

All of her characters are intact, so I'm not sure why the Account Recovery Tool kept insisting fields were invalid.

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