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Suggestion: Method to convert ALL +AR +5 Stat infusions into different stated infusions.

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It would be great if one of the fractal bots had a panel that allowed us to take say a +7AR/+5Power infusion and turn it in for the same infusion with a different stat. IE: The +7AR/+5Power turns into a +7AR/+5Condi. <- These infusions are expensive to make, and boy is a disappointment when the meta flips and/or you want to swap that gold & time invested onto a different character, but cannot change the +5stat.

Or maybe a recipe or something, similar to swapping stats on ascended gear.

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@"Sephylon.4938" said:can't you already change them in the mystic forge?

edityou canhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Stat_changing#Infusion

Yes but it only works for +9 infusions. A player only needs 12x +9s and then 6x +7s to = a flat unmodified +150 AR. With potions and the new account-wide AR bonuses, you eventually need even fewer +9s. Would be great to be able to swap those +7s as well.

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