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"About face" shorcut bugged (a lot)

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I use ctrl+S for this shortcut and many many times, the camera begins to move and nearly immediatly stop and go back to it's original position. And when this happens, if I just push quickly one time precisely the shortcut (not spamming the button), it happens again and forever. It only stop when I spam like crazy the shortcut or turn myself the camera with the mouse.

It's maybe the combination that makes it buggy ? (I put the ctrl button on one of my mouse button).

Are some people experiencing the same thing ? (I think that's mainly pvp players who use this shortcut)

For people who don't see the use of the shortcut, it used to turn your character to use backdraw skills forward, to move, instead retreating.So when it bugs, I just jump back right in the enemy blob, very frustrating (because the skill for moving don't bug, it)


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I use "About Face" quite a bit and it has not bugged for me in the past.?(using a single key) I just tested with a key bind of "Control+S" and it is working properly for me. You might want to try a different key binding, or see if your S key might be sticking. Also, have you shut your PC down (completely) and restarted since this issue began?

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If you have free camera enabled, how the camera works changes based on whether you left or right clicked last, which affects how about face works. If you right click, about face will flip your character and camera, whereas if you left click, it'll only flip your character and cannot be used again until you right click. It's easy to break it if you're regularly left/right clicking.

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