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siege projectiles blocking question (WvWvW)

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I just returned from my first WvWvW campaign after years. After our zerg took over several camps, towers and even a keep twice, we tried to take another tower with catapults. However that tower was full of enemies and they built a catapult themselves and shot at us.

As I main engineer, I was using my scrapper build. So I tried out different ways to protect our catapults. The shield-skill of the catapult worked, yay. Wall of Reflection caused by throwing the Elexir U did not work at all. So I gave it a last try with the bullwark gyro. And now things went really strange. For some weird reason, the Defense Shield (Bullwark Gyro toolbelt) was able to stop the enemy projectiles completely. Does it work as intended?

Last time I played WvWvW for real, I used my giant mortar which was no kit back then and easily buged out if you tried to spam the auto-attack. Many things have changed. But judging from the less love the engineer, especially the scrapper, has received over the years, I am shocked that the jack-of-all-traits can actually block siege projectiles.

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