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Returning player LF Yaks Bend PvX Guild

Fearless Sister.5180

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Hi there ive been playing this game since beta on and off mostly WvW but i always end up losing interest. So im going to try to do something different and focus mainly on PvE. My problem right now is ive just come back after not playing for maybe a year so im a complete noob and im finding it quite overwhelming. I have both expansion packs although my mastery is lvl 10 lol and im 48% map completion. Ive never done fractals but would like to but like i said im a noob and ive no idea what im doing most of the time. My main toon for PvE is Necro and my main for WvW is Guardian. I live in the UK so would like a Guild thats mainly GMT.


Ps: Wraith Biscuit is my toon name.

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