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Do i need 100% crit on Soulbeast in PVE and how to get it?


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you do not need the crit sigils for maxing out your crit and this is why. all you need is zerker gear with schooler runes. i know now you say but its like only 60% crit but when you do the ranger trait spoter you can get like 80% crit. now the last little bit is from furry the boon that give you crit so in all you prity mutch will be at 100% crit when you start to use food and utility items like sharping stons andbowl of butternut squash soup. this will also make you hit harder then what you have with the crit sigils makeing you a beast in wvw and pvp as well as in pve. the greatsword is not a bad wepon to use but most players of ranger use sword and axe for the cc. all in all that should give you a good rundown on how this all works and why most rangers have a high crit.

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