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MacOS 64bit client stops downloading

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Hello everybody,

I've tried to find some information about this issue but was unable to find a solution, thus im creating this discussion. I used to play GW2 on my old PC long time ago, and recently decided to try it on my Mac.

I downloaded the 64 bit client and it started downloading just fine, but just about 5% of becoming playable it stoped. I tried disabling the firewall, repairing the client and changing the language but to no avail. Ended up quitting until today I decided to try again, and the client stops at exactly the same point. The GW2.dat as 6.14 gigabytes and does't go past that.

Any idea how to fix this?

My computer is a maxed out mid 2015 15 inch MacBook Pro with an AMD R9.

Thank you all.

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