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Water of Rhand - Flame Temple Tombs(Diessa Plateau)

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I probably won't get any answer and this post will sink under the huge pile of random complaints, but, the quest line ''Flame legion battles'' in Diessa plateau has been bugged for 2 days now, you need that event to access the mini-dungeon - Flame Temple Tombs, in order to access the water of rhand and be able to craft the ascended backpack Mawdrey. ''The night warband is trying to take incendio templum from the flame legion'', and nothing happens... ever ! The temple stay contested and the 4 night warband dunkeys stand in front, doing literally nothing, and there's no dialogue to remind them that they need to move their ass. And no other precursor related quest are up at that time either, so clearly bugged.

Any solution or quick tip to get around(or fix) ?? I would gladly switch map instance or something, but the population isn't high enough currently... hopefully that we get a daily quest there soon...

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You best bet is asking map chat to see if anyone is inside. There are people who have characters parked inside to kill the champ for the rare drop. Last time I was inside I grabbed about a dozen of the water of rhand to avoid having to deal with that in the future though that requires you to put the water in your bank after getting each.

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