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Herald bugged in PvP?


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I hadn't played rev since HoT but I noticed 2 things:

  1. Facets don't pulse at the beginning of the game anymore
  2. Sometimes facets don't reset when swapping to another legend which drains your energy even when not in herald

Neither of these I've been able to replicate outside of matches. Are these known bugs or did I miss some changes?

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@DaShi.1368 said:I've noticed the first. It's fixed by starting in a different legend then swapping to herald. The second may explain why I feel more energy starved that I've used to.

Don't have proof of it but I've seen it happen very clearly. Got stuck in shiro with 0 energy regen, so I switched to herald and some facets were still on. Doesn't seem to happen too often, but it's game breaking..

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