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Emote Wheel Overlay

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Hey!I wanted to share this Emote Overlay I've been working on with you guys :)


It has support for all of the game's emotes and works by typing the individual commands into chat. You can also target & sync most of the emotes by pressing shift or ctrl.

To use it, simply start the application and press Alt+C ingame.

You can download the latest version here or check out the source code on GitHub. (If you'd like to support development, you can also use the adfly download link c:)

Some of the Features include:

  • Support for all emotes
  • Emote targeting (press shift)
  • Emote syncing (press ctrl)
  • Keybinds, enabled emotes and a lot more can be customized via the settings

And finally as a word of precaution: I can't say 100% for sure that you're allowed to use this thing. I did message Chris Cleary about it on reddit, but I'm yet to receive an answer.
You can also check out the original reddit post for this overlay, which includes some explanation as to why I believe this isn't against the GW2 policies.

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I recall looking at this, and this is basically just an application that draws a transparent overlay, and sends the key sequence, right?

I'm pretty sure it'll be OK too, though I hope you do get confirmation from Chris. Basically, it seems like it only permits you to send one emote string, which performs one server-side action (playing the emote), and offers no noticeable in-game benefits, so ... it should be ok.

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