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Why are some banners that people place easy to use, where you just click on one right after the other, without any fuss, and other banners come with a banner ad: "Hey, what you clicked on? That was me! I'm a banner" [OK][Close][stop][No]?

Is there any reason why they all can't be converted to the first kind? So you can just hit 'F' and move onto the next one without having to clear a dialog box?

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I doubt it? But I don't really know for sure.

It's just something I noticed from time to time over the years, and didn't understand why those banners behave in two different ways.

Like, in the morning, on my main, I usually stop into WvW to see if I can't do a daily or two there before going on with the rest of my day in the PvE world. Sometimes, there are 2-3 banners waiting right when you get in. Those banners 'never' (or almost never) give me a 'confirmation dialog'.

Tonight, on another character, who gets banner buffs in a 'similar' fashion (usually once every 24 hours, so I assume they expired?), I login with a different character in Bloodstone Fen. I happen to enjoy doing the dailies there. Combat gliding. :) First thing I do is hit all the banners before looking for some magic to glide over. Those banners 'always' have the confirmation dialog box, which is kinda annoying, because you have to clear those before hitting 'F' on the next banner, and so on.

It's almost like there are two different kinds of banners, some with and some without confirmation dialogs? Are the ones that are dropped in WvW different form the ones people usually drop in PvE?

Or maybe it's like you say, but I would think that the situation would be reversed, as I tend to play my main that goes to WvW longer than the one in Bloodstone Fen, and the buffs are more likely to have worn off between uses.

Appreciate the input.

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The dialog pops up if you don't have the buff yet or if you already have stronger version of the same buff. In the second case the dialog will always popup no matter how many times you interact with it because it won't overwrite the stronger buff with a weaker one.

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