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[Spoiler/Suggestion/Fluff] Add a PoF achievement


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The first time you fight Balthazar about halfway through the PoF story he's too powerful and he kills you but I've heard that a guild of very experienced players has managed to kill him anyway. They should change the instance so if you manage to kill him he gets knocked to the ground, the PC says something along the lines of "Well, that ended a lot faster than expected", then Balthazar goes back to full health and 1 shots you granting you 1 AP and an achievement called "Half an expansion".

PS: Before anyone rages at me I love PoF, me and my friends have been playing the crap out of the expansion (way more than any other online game and a lot more than the first few days after the release of HoT), and this is obviously a joke but I'd be hilarious if they added this to the game.

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