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[REQUEST] Leveling build for an Engineer


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To start, I would run a Power build with Rifle. So prioritize equipment that give Power, Precision, and Ferocity.Unlock the following Utility Skills, and save the rest for Traits:

  • Healing Turret - provides healing, condition cleanse, and more healing when you detonate it after its Overcharge.
  • Rifle Turret - while the turret's damage isn't stellar, it offers an instant-cast Surprise Shot Toolbelt skill for some additional damage
  • Bomb Kit - your primary damage source when enemies are in melee range. Just keep dropping Bombs for damage, Smoke Bombs for some crowd control.
  • Grenade Kit - You generally equip this kit for the Toolbelt skill, Grenade Barrage. Otherwise, it provides a ranged option in situations that warrant it.

After unlocking your Specialization slots at level 21, unlock the Explosives line until Orbital Command (and skip the rest). With this line, you'll want Glass Cannon for additional damage, Big Boomer for some free Vitality and Ferocity, and Orbital Command. You'll unlock your second Specialization slot at level 45, at which I would suggest picking up the Inventions line, unlocking up until Bunker Down. I pick this line mainly for the increased move speed from Mecha Legs. If you have access to mounts, however, you can skip this line in favor of Fire Arms, gunning for Modified Munitions.

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Low level : take Flamethrower, healing turrel, Gun Turrel and Supply box on elite the last is your choice+/- lvl 45, change for Bomb and Grenade kit, grenade kit is OP for long and mid range and Bomb for contact and combo, take explosive traits 1-3-3 (some mob just dies with Mineswepper xD)LvL80 choose your way, Alte of Power (spoiler, Alte is more effective but Power is more funny, specially if you focus the Holosmith spe)Alte -> E-gun, take Rabbid (or Viper if you find it on quest reward)Power -> DON'T TAKE FULL ZERG if you'll survive, take Zerg Accessories/Amulette/... and Marauder stuff, for Weapon, see what you prefer, the Vitality provide you more survivability; for Runes and Sigil -> Strengh (and Accuracy of Force on the second sigil) and let's go

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