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[EU] Player LF raiding semi-harcore PvE guild

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Hello, French player looking for static group semi-hardcore guild based in EU to make fast full clear with optimum strategies, selling, low man, and more PvE activities such as Fractals CM, dungeons, ...

I'm available every day in the evening mostly.I main DPS (elem, guard, necro, rev, war) andI can play all if requested but chrono.

I have 650 li roughtly for now, Demon Demise, Voice in the Void, LNHB, ...The only problem at the moment is I don't have full +5 infusion stats.Vocal available too. (Decent english but not bilingual).

Send me a mail IG to Raphys.4625 if you think I can be part of your raiding guild or just to have more detail.

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