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Enhancement Food & Conversion Traits scale with Might, Banners, Signets, Spotter, etc.

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Since the PoF-Patch, Enhancement-Food (Sharpening Stones and the likes) and Conversion Traits (e.g. Scourge's Fell Beacon; which is bugged as well and grants only 6% Expertise instead of 7%) converts the bonus stats granted by Might, Signets and other Buffs into additional stats.This wasn't the case pre-PoF. It only converted your base stats + the stats granted by your Equipment (Armor+Weapons+Trinkets+Infusions as well as Nourishment).This leads to some classes gaining ridiculous amounts of bonus stats (e.g. Weaver which gains an additional ~150 Ferocity solely through his Grandmaster-Trait also converting the stats provided by said buffs).For better understanding I also made a comparison screen from the stats Pre-PoF and Post-PoF on my Condi Thief. The screenshots were taken with realistic Buffs, full Infusions and Food+Enhancement. Note, that Condi Thief has no traits, which convert stats, so the increase in Condition Damage comes solely from the bugged Enhancement food.


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