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LFGuild (PvE, Returning player casual to semi-hardcore, on Sea of Sorrows)(AU player GMT +8)

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Recently returned to GW2 after a few year hiatus and looking to fit into a guild focused around pve. I'm an Australian player (24YO) that enjoys gw2's PvE but can be convinced to do some PvP/WvW occasionally if needed. I was an experienced FOTM player back when I used to play and I'm very interested in returning to the field. Also wanting to learn the new raids and return to dungeons, world events etc. I have a few friends that play the game but their hours are very erratic, so having a guild where I can meet new people and have some fun on this game would be great. Life is stressful and gw2 is a great way to relax. I'm willing to use VOIP (except at night, family sleeping) and am available at most times of the day and night (when not studying for University).My main is elementalist (tempest) but also have a guardian and mesmer plus a spare 80 boost that i can use on anything if needed.Would be great to hear from someone who thinks I'd fit into their guild.


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