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Camera always resetting when moving while mounted


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i have a problem with my camera when i am using my mount.

Does anybody know why my camera is always resetting behind my mount when i have auto walk on and want to look around with my left mouse button?for example, i auto walk on a road straight ahead. then i use left mouse button to turn the camera to look behind me if my group or something is following me. the moment i let go of my left mouse button my camera snaps back to behind my mount really fast...the thing is, that does not happen when i am not mounted and auto walking. My character still runs in a straight line while the camera stays were i put it with left mouse button, even if i let go of left mouse button.

To solve this i already tried:

  • settings -> General options -> all the way down "Mounts: Enable Camera Roll" (this does not do anything regardless if i have that on or off it seems?)
  • settings -> Control Options -> Camera -> Keybinding "Free Camera" (does not change anything while on my mount either, even when i hold the button the camera still snaps back behind my mount when moving)

btw: All this camera resetting behind my mount only happens when i move obviously, if i stand still i can look around fine and the camera stays where i put it until i start moving...

I only have Raptor as of now, if that "Mounts: Enable Camera Roll" in the options has anything to do with that.

Anyone has an idea why this camera resetting is happening?


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The snap when the camera resets is giving me motion sickness and controlling the mount in my preferred style (directional keys and a free camera) is quite difficult when the camera keeps resetting itself.

I'd love it if the free camera worked on mounts.

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