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[Solved] Can't hold right-click to rotate the camera during intense combat

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Hello,I'm using a Razer Naga 2014 and started having this problem today. It happened after synapse's update but even if I close the Razer software,it continues happening. The right button doesn't have a physical/technical problem, it works fine when I hold it on desktop or when I draw with right button on MS Paint.Even in GW2 I don't have any problem while holding right click to move the camera/character unless I'm in intense combat. If there are 3-4 mobs and I'm using skills, thenit starts to glitch and can't even rotate the camera due to right button releasing the click. I mean the camera movement unlocks itself like if I released the button then pressed again.It's a very strange problem. I made sure I have no overlay programs that cause loss of window focus. Can it be due to updated mouse firmware or smth?

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@Ray Koopa.2354 said:Are you really sure it's not a physical issue? This happened to me on two mice over the years and logging the input revealed it was indeed a broken mouse button, and testing with another mouse didn't show the issue.

yes i had this exact issue, tested another (newly purchased it) mouse and now i can do 360° in less than 2 secs (even in intense combat with both buttons)

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Sorry for late answer,I was wrong with the physical problem thing, other programs or games kinda deceived me.I think Gw2 captures even the slightest/shortest mouse button up/down actions compared to some desktop apps or other games.But it was caused by the mouse's right button switch. After this thread, I tested it by holding the button and drawing stuff on paint, I rarely got gaps between lines.(it occurred much less frequently compared to Gw2)I bought the same Omron switch and replaced the old one, works like a charm.Lesson learned from this and my other researches: Don't buy mouses with Omron switches as they tend to get double click issues more often.

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