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Does anyone know...

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How to buy "Path of fire" in the Uk if you don't have a credit card to buy it on the official GW site? The Guild wars 2 retailer link only sends you to retailers who have "heart of thorns" (which I've already got). No one seems to stock "Path of fire" apart from the official store. At least if it was in Game stores I could go and buy it with physical money, or amazon I could get a buy a voucher for.

It seems a little strange to lock players out of one expansion and the living world ep 4 this way.

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I'm surprised Amazon doesn't have it, I'm sure they used to but I can't find it on there any more. (I'm not surprised Game doesn't have it, they've been utterly useless the last few times I've looked for anything in there.) It's really frustrating how few places there are to buy games in this county now, especially for PC.

But you can buy it through the official site without a credit card. They accept Paypal or PaySafe or you can get a pre-paid Mastercard: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/find-card-products/prepaid-cards.html

It's like a normal debit card but not linked to a bank account. Instead you put money on it when you first get it (which you can do with cash) and then you can top it up as needed, or just get rid of it once it's empty. But other than that it's just like a normal Mastercard and accepted anywhere which takes them (which the GW2 store does).

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@"Rasimir.6239" said:At least in central Europe Amazon is among the list of official retailers, and Amazon DE does have PoF stocked. I'd be surprised if Amazon UK wouldn't be on the list/not sell PoF any more. Are you sure that you can't get it that way?

Even if Amazon are not an official retailer, they are extremely good about refunds, and so I'd be willing to take the risk -- personally -- of buying from them anyway. Definitely if Amazon themselves are the seller, probably if it is a third party selling through Amazon.

Third party retails are not "automatic account ban", they are "if they do something illegal like using stolen credit cards, account ban follows". It is a risk management deal, and we just happen to know, as a community, that a couple of places that sell it as a third party do those illegal things.

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