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My 2 key run route (Level 1 - 40 with tomes)

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Hi eveyone! Just thought I would share a quick few pointers for how I do my key runs, most of this is old news and I might learn something from the comments, but just though I would share how I do it :)

Race: HumanProfesion: WarriorCommonerLost Sister?Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAsXRjMdQdHW2BWdApICICALEHA-jRQmAAg6PAA-e

For runes, stack up on differnt minor power runes, so you get 60 power bonusFor sigils you can use Justice and ForceFood you can use Spicy Flank Steak and potion of outlaw slaying

Human warrior is the fast by far, I have tried quite a few things and warr wins in mobility and damage. Also Queensdale makes it very easy to grind the first few levels if you are short on tomes. All the hearts around Divinity's rech are very easy and fast to do, and the one by the outpost with the tp in it is also just as fast, and so is the training one. You are usually level 6 after doing these.

From here however it is fastest to use tomes, if you you do not have enough to go to level 35 then just do the level 10 quest for one key since the grinding is not worth it. Otherwise you do not need to boost beyond level 35 since the expereince from the story will get you to 40.

Level 10:Nothing fancy or new here, use your sword and Greatsword as much as possible for mobility (and maybe bull's charge), you can run past all mobs and just go for the main targets in stories.

Level 20:I am not sure if Lost Sister is the fastest one, but it is the one I am the most used to. Happy to try another one on recommondation. Only tip I would give here is that you want to confront Trevelan, the choice of Thackery is much longer!

Level 30:Here it is a bit more interesting and where I feel I can really help since the order missions here are insanely fast if you know what to do

For the first mission choose the Priory. You need to reach 4 children, the trick is that you need to be fast enough since if the priory scholar get into combat you first have to kill the mob, but if you get to the kid before he is in combat he will teleport there.

For the second mission choose to defend the town with the Vigil. Once you are in the instance just keep to your right and drop down to the beach where the commander is, you only need to kill the abomonations attacking him and the quest is done, you can ignore the rest of the town

For 3rd mission I also choose Priory, you just stand and defend the necro, it is pretty fast and easy.

You can choose any order for the last mission since we are not doing their missions, but vigil feels fastest to me, follower by order of whispers.

After this you should be 40, and go to LA and pick up your 2nd key

This takes me less than an hour, probably close to 30-40mins to do and worth it for two keys.

Hope this helped someone :)

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Each week i do a lvl 80 farm for 4-5 keys. It takes me around 1h 40min. So you do all the story up till the Battle of Claw Island (i think thats how its called, when dragon atacks) alongside Ls season 2 ep 6 and quick bloodstone fen exploration.

Race/Class: Human warrior, full ascended berserker.Story: Commoner-ParentsLvl 10: OrphanageLvl 20: Ambushlvl 30: Priory-Whispers-Whispers-Vigillvl 40: Defend the camplvl 50: Skritt, Find missing skritt

This keyfarm also brings quite alot of overall gold and material value, so its quite worth it.Note: Only do this if you have alot of spare tomes of knowledge. Also, if you have the Airship pass and griffon, you can skip soo much of the map for fast travel, its great. Might make a video at some point of my full run.

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@Omnicron.2467 said:You can choose any order for the last mission since we are not doing their missions, but vigil feels fastest to me, follower by order of whispers.This part is significant in the long run, as the order you decide to join will reward you with one of their weapon skins, worth roughly 1.2g to 1.6g. These are part of their respective order collections that will reward an ascended trinket. If you have Heart of Thorns and the appropriate collection unlocked, these ascended trinkets are themselves part of the collection to unlock the Ascended Backpack of each order.

As an aside for veteran players with lots of Tomes of Knowledge, you only need to use 35 Tomes for this run, bumping your character up to level 37; the three sets of personal story missions will each give you one level, leaving you at level 40 after completion of the Orders of Tyria story, which is just enough to unlock the meeting of Destiny's Edge in Lion's Arch.

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I do the same run, except with double dagger ele and true parents line instead of lost sister. Arcane skills nuke stuff super fast. The speed advantage of warrior GS is significantly reduced with mounts - there isnt that much running in missions and lightning flash + RTL gets you moving quick anyways.

I also run through the third lvl 40 step for an XP booster. Vigil is fastest for this, I think. 58 minute run through this step with tomes.

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For the lost sister there is a bit missing. When going to Black Haven you can defeat the bandits as soon as you see them then jump across the gap to destroy the mortars. You should be able to do this faster than the NPCs can finish talking but make sure you aggro all the bandits.

For the third mission I think whisper is faster but the mobs hit like a truck.

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Well I did some tests with the suggestions posted in the replies and I still find warrior fastest for movement inside story missions.

Lost sisters feels faster than missing parents, there is less fighting and more running around with lost sister which is made simpler with mounts. But they are approx same I guess if you get good with either, but yes, definately choose Ambush for Lost Parent, and choose Confront Trevelan for Lost Sister

Priory is def the fastest for the first mission and Vigil for the second, cant beat those times. For third mission I tried whispers twice and they are very similar in the fact that you have to just defeat a few waves of mobs and they take approx the same time, but I found that 1. its much further away, and 2. the mobs hit harder and there is more you have to do. So I will stick to Priory for the 3rd mission.

So all in all I am sticking to what I posted in the OP as the most efficient for me :)

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Here's how my key run works.

  1. Boring using the same race all the time, so make whatever I want.
  2. Have guild boost and utility boost and food at all times. (After Level 10, Candy Corn Custard gives 15% XP for kills instead of 10%!)
  3. Do map complete on your beginner map! With boosts, you can usually get to level 15-17, PLUS you might get another key for map completion.
  4. Get more levels and free food/potions by crafting as chef and/or artificer and whatever will refine the leftover mats you collect along your way for XP.
  5. Do more beginner-map completions, and maybe a second-tier map or two.
  6. If you are running out of time or patience, use tomes. Play the story when you are level 35 or 36, you will get enough XP to get you to 40 or almost.

I have sometimes gotten 5 or 6 keys off one key farmer, when RNG is kind to me. (This is my priority, rather than the fastest way.)

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I do a 'cheap' run for 4 keys/week. 3 keys personal story, 1 key from Tangled Paths. So using enough tomes/scrolls to reach level 80. Takes about an hour.But I use cheap as chips blue berserker armor for a minion master necro (human, only using 80 Berserker armor/weapons and whatever trinkets I get from the level/story rewards).I've found a good few 'skips' in stories, which makes it all the more faster. EG, running straight by the garrison via the waterway to the 'boss' in the intro usually triggers the end scene.

There's also some good level/story rewards like Magic Find Boosters / Mini WvW XP booster / plus the bags you get from the story give alot of t2-4 mats, plus UniD dyes.

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Glad to see others doing this. I'm often too lazy to do it most weeks but when I do a key run, I do all 4-6 as well. You get another from the HoT story in Tangled Depths, it's not worth it from a speed perspective but if you need Auric weapons still and/or want the Viper/Minstrel/Trailblazer armor box from finishing HoT it's worth considering.

While I'm not contesting that Human is probably the quickest (and for many, most familiar) one thing to note is that each Lv20 (I think?) PS will have a Tier1 cultural chest piece as a reward. If you don't already have them unlocked you can save 40-80s by choosing that race/class combination on your run. Plus it's nice to experience the different branches for each story.

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