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[EU][RAID][tTE] is recruiting


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[EU][RAID][tTE] is recruiting experienced multiclass players for Monday clears, Fractals and growth together.

Time for Toxic Elitism is a newly formed raiding guild looking for more experienced raiders to join us. We do Monday fullclear as well as random raids throughout the week. Our full clear is scheduled at Monday 20:00 CEST

Requirements:-discord - listen and communicate during our raids-will to improve as a group during the week, NOT only Monday-be able to join almost every single Monday for fullclear-highly experienced on every boss-will to gear and learn off classes-90% benchmark in golem trial

We aim as well to low men clears.

Atm we're looking for: off chrono, 2nd druid and dps.

Class Requirements:DPS: at least 3 classes a mix of the following (at least 1 power 1 condi): weaver (mandatory for at least kc), holosmith, mirage, scourge, renegade, soulbeastDruid: solo heal most of the bosses, know how to kite/push ALL bosses that require itChrono: excellent boon uptime

We will have a 4 weeks trial including golem trial, and raids/fractals to see how you fit in with the group.

Mail or PM for more infos. Thillar.8716 or Nonno.8620

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